The Bob The Drag Queen Collection

Presented by Producer Entertainment Group

About the Artist

The alter ego of non-binary comic/actor Caldwell Tidicue, “Bob The Drag Queen” describes herself as “hilarious, beautiful, talented and...humble.” Bob’s unabashed confidence won her the title of “America’s Next Drag Superstar” on season 8 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” multiple acting roles for HBO, Netflix, Sony Tristar, MTV, and VH1. Along with HBO’s first unscripted show, “We’re Here,” Bob has recently released her second comedy special, “Bob The Drag Queen Live at Caroline’s” available on iTunes, as well as season 4 of “Sibling Rivalry," the podcast she co-hosts with her drag sister Monét X Change. Bob is represented by ICM and managed by Producer Entertainment Group (PEG).

About The Collection

Bob the Drag Queen’s life and career has been full of big moments--whether it is going viral in hilarious memes or standing up as an activist. The Bob the Drag Queen Collection for The Queenly NFT features their iconic Instagram Live moment with Peppermint, “Oh the Fracking?” as well as their iconic hair look, dubbed by reddit “Bob’s horrific red and yellow wig.” Finally, we see a very rare photo of Bob in 2010, when they were arrested while protesting for Marriage Equality in New York.

Bob - Oh the

When Bob The Drag Queen went "Live" with Peppermint via Instagram, they did not know that they were about to go viral. This was in March 2020, in the middle of public discourse about RuPaul's mention of leasing "mineral rights" on his Wyoming Ranch--where he resides with his husband. Peppermint asks Bob if they had seen an article and Bob casually replies, "Oh, the fracking?" Peppermint quickly replies, "No, not that!" and makes the iconic fingers crossing her mouth gesture. As the two friends cackle and intermittently leave camera, a meme was born.

In 2010, Bob The Drag Queen was arrested in New York City–in full drag. Bob recounts: “I got in touch with a group called Queer Rising before New York got [marriage] equality. We used to do some really extreme activism together. Queer Rising said, ‘Hey, we’re doing something pretty radical. How do you feel about getting arrested for your rights?’ I said I was terrified but I wanted in." Sure enough, they were demonstrating near Bryant Park in the middle of traffic with a big sign that said "New York Demands Marriage Equality Now" when they were taken to jail. The next year was the first year of Marriage Equality for New York State.

Referred to as "Bob's Horrific Red and Yellow Wig" and endlessly memed in early 2021, Bob The Drag Queen had fun with the moment, hilariously and powerfully defending the wig on their podcast and in many interviews. They even promised to burn the wig if they reached a set subscriber goal. Own a piece of hilarious drag/meme culture with this one-of-a-kind collectible for The Queenly NFT.

Bob The Drag Queen's collection with The Queenly NFT features The Arrest of Bob The Drag Queen, 2010, Bob The Drag Queen's Wig, 2021, and "Oh, the Fracking?" featuring Bob The Drag Queen and Peppermint, 2021. 5% of net proceeds from sales of NFTs in this collection will benefit The Knights & Orchids Society.

Producer Entertainment Group offers collections of history-making career milestones and viral moments from three of its iconic artists: Bob the Drag Queen, Manila Luzon, and Peppermint.

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