The David Jester Collection

About the Artist

Born in Palm Springs, CA (1960) and raised in San Diego, David Jester earned his BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and MFA from Rutgers University. While in grad school, his work was focused on queer life, particularly in the time of AIDS. He found himself inspired by and learning from his mentor, American artist Geoffrey Hendricks.

David Jester's collection with The Queenly NFT features On Reflection (2020), Savior (2020) and GRID (2019). 5% of net proceeds from sales of NFTs in this collection will benefit Visual AIDS.

About The Collection

David Jester’s work features gay men, in swimming pool settings, playing with themes of vitality, masculinity, dominance, submission, inclusion, alienation, and distortion.

“Water is everything, it is life” says Jester, in a 2020 interview. “It is a shared fluid we all have in common. It can represent purity and cleanliness or the desire for it.” He notes that pools are a “separate world” from that which exists outside of the water – both physically and with the contrasting observations of those in and out of its parameter.

There is certainly an erotic quality to some of the works, while others explore the distance between subjects and observers, mirroring conservative views of gay people.

“They isolate this group of people yet the boundary is fluid...People inside or outside the pool have a slightly distorted view of each other, and so it was a perfect tool to explain the gay community alongside the straight community, and also how these guys present themselves or interact with each other.”

David Jester

On Reflection, 2020

oil on wood

David Jester

Savior, 2020

oil on wood

David Jester

GRID, 2019

oil on wood

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