The Manila Luzon Collection

Presented by Producer Entertainment Group

About the Artist

Manila Luzon is an international drag queen most famous for her campy twist on glamour, silly cross-eyed expressions, and signature black and blonde wigs. Her tongue-in-cheek style combines humorous themes with elegant fashion; from dresses inspired by cartoon characters to iconic gowns designed after her favorite foods.

Manila Luzon's collection with The Queenly NFT features the official music video for ROBBED, and the 2021 Dragfest artwork “Alaska,”. 5% of net proceeds from sales of NFTs in this collection will benefit The Los Angeles LGBT Center.

About The Collection:

Manila Luzon has captivated audiences around the world not only for her iconic looks, but for her creative multimedia creations and singular approach to her art. The Manila Luzon Collection for The Queenly NFT offers a glimpse into that work. The official music video for ROBBED ft. Latrice Royale is an animated adventure/heist, song written by Karl Westerberg and Ashley Levi, music video directed my Mac Kerman and created by Chaos Emporium Inc. The collection also features a video highlighting Manila’s 2021 Dragfest artwork “Alaska,” who she painted live for the streaming audience.

Manila - ROBBED ft Latrice Royale OFFICIAL VIDEO_1080p.mp4

The music video for Manila Luzon's "ROBBED! ft. Latrice Royale" is an animated adventure. It delighted fans in 2019 with millions of views across platforms.

Manila Luzon's "Robbed" featuring Latrice Royale
Written by Karl Westerberg, Ashley Levi

Produced by Tomas Costanza and Paul Coultrup
Killingsworth Recording Company
Executive Produced by Mic J Rez

Produced by PEG Records
Manila - Alaska Digital

In May 2021, Manila Luzon appeared in PEG Presents: Digital Dragfest. As many fans know, Manila is a creative fine artist. Live for her audience, she created a special portrait of Alaska Thunderfuck. She presents the work here as a NFT.

Producer Entertainment Group offers collections of history-making career milestones and viral moments from three of its iconic artists: Bob the Drag Queen, Manila Luzon, and Peppermint.

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