The Producer Entertainment Group Artist Collections

Bob the Drag Queen, Manila Luzon & Peppermint

About Producer Entertainment Group

About Producer Entertainment Group: Producer Entertainment Group (PEG) was founded in 2011 with the belief that drag artists were worthy of professional representation and career guidance. The founding partners left safe, stable entertainment careers to pursue this passion. They then recruited talented staff from the biggest entertainment companies to work with us.

Ten years later, PEG manages the most successful drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race and beyond, plus other leading LGBTQ talent. They oversee all aspects of our clients’ careers including development, recording, production, literary, retail and global touring. They have offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, Vancouver and New Orleans and continue to grow.

In March of this year they announced the launch of their streaming service, OUTtv, in partnership with OMG Inc, an established international distributor. They are currently AppleTv’s first and only LGBTQ streaming channel in the USA. Further platform rollouts, including DTC will be announced soon.

PEG abides by SAG-AFTRA’s Personal Manager’s Code of Ethics and Conduct and by guidelines of the Talent Manager’s Association. Our staff and clients are voting members of the Recording Academy, the Television Academy, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and other relevant trade organizations.

Producer Entertainment Group offers collections from three of its iconic artists: Bob the Drag Queen, Manila Luzon, and Peppermint.

Bob the Drag Queen’s life and career has been full of big moments--whether it is going viral in hilarious memes or standing up as an activist. The Bob the Drag Queen Collection for The Queenly NFT features their iconic Instagram Live moment with Peppermint, “Oh the Fracking?” as well as their iconic hair look, dubbed by reddit “Bob’s horrific red and yellow wig.” Finally, we see a very rare photo of Bob in 2010, when they were arrested while protesting for Marriage Equality in New York.

Manila Luzon has captivated audiences around the world not only for her iconic looks, but for her creative multimedia creations and singular approach to her art. The Manila Luzon Collection for The Queenly NFT offers a glimpse into that work. The official music video for ROBBED ft. Latrice Royale is an animated adventure/heist, song written by Karl Westerberg and Ashley Levi, music video directed my Mac Kerman and created by Chaos Emporium Inc. The collection also features a video highlighting Manila’s 2021 Dragfest artwork “Alaska,” who she painted live for the streaming audience.

Photo Credit: Magnus Hastings

Peppermint’s collection for The Queenly NFT offers a Then and Now look at the artist. Two early career photos from photographer Justin Greenhause show a joyous Peppermint, but the photos mask how difficult those early years were. “These photos are from a shoot I did in 2001 or 2002. Justin Greenhouse came over to my Harlem apartment and took photographs of me on the roof and in the alleyway. This was back when I was barely earning enough to pay the bills, in fact I wasn't even wearing a full dress! I was just wearing a skirt and I was pulling it up to shield myself."

The collection also celebrates one of her recent viral moments. In March 2020, Bob the Drag Queen and Peppermint were on Instagram Live. Bob mistakenly thinks Peppermint wants to talk about a news article and social media hot topic accusing RuPaul of “fracking.” The caught-off-guard–simultaneously nervous and rapturous–moment between two friends has been memed and remixed thousands of times and seen by millions. Peppermint offers this new photo to celebrate the moment and the joy it brought to fans.

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