The Viral Activists & Artists Collection

About the Collection

Queer people are boundary pushers and changemakers, promising to dream big and fight hard, imagining a world that could be. The Viral Activists and Artists collection features queer people who are making a difference, sparking conversation and changing hearts and minds.

The inaugural launch features Mila Jam ("Stop Killing Us"), Eugene Lovendusky ("Never Underestimate the Power of a Faggot with a Tambourine"), and Jacob Dockery/Ruth Canal ("Dr. Ruth Canal, DMD, Earns Her Diploma.")

Mila Jam - "Stop Killing Us"

Mila Jam, recording artist and trans activist, gained wide attention for her “Stop Killing Us” images, calling attention to the violence against Black trans women.

5% Net of sales from this NFT benefit the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.

Mila Jam
Stop Killing Us, 2021
digital art

Eugene Lovendusky: "Faggot with a Tambourine"

Eugene Lovendusky, a lifelong activist for and volunteer in the queer community, was memed while protesting at the Inaugural Women’s March 2017 in front of the US Capitol, carrying a sign that read: “Never Underestimate the Power of a Faggot with a Tambourine." Some might be surprised to hear that actress/director Lisa Bonet was actually the one who snapped the original photo, and it was subsequently posted to Jason Momoa’s Instagram account.

5% Net of sales from this NFT benefit NYC's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Center.

Eugene Lovendusky
Faggot with a Tambourine, 2017
Washington, DC

Ruth Canal: "Dr. Ruth Canal, DMD, Earns Her Diploma - Original Tiktok Video"

"Dr. Ruth Canal, DMD, Earns Her Diploma" is the viral tik tok video from Temple University dentistry graduate, Jacob Dockery, who accepted their diploma in full drag and quickly went viral. The 10 second clip racked up 1.5 million views in a few days. In a profile from, Dockery reveals that his graduation appearance was his first time as Ruth Canal in public. Of the viral moment, Jacob/Ruth asserts, "everyone has to have a little slice of humor in them...If I can get someone to crack a smile, I did my job. That truly is what is fulfilling to me, as a dentist and as a drag performer.”

5% Net of sales from this NFT benefit The Fenway Institute.


Ruth Canal
Dr. Ruth Canal, DMD, Earns Her Diploma, 2021
Philadelphia, PA

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