The Willam Belli Collection

About the Artist

Willam Belli is an American drag queen, actor, recording artist, and entrepreneur, known for memorable film and television roles (A Star is Born, Nip/Tuck), viral music (Boy is a Bottom, Rupaulogize), and a fan-favorite run on Season 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. She is also the founder of makeup company Suck Less Face & Body.

About the Collection

Willam Belli’s illustrious career has brought audiences hilarious parodies and meme-worthy moments, as well as captivating, boundary-pushing visual artistry. The Willam Belli Collection with The Queenly NFT is a capsule look at some of those iconic moments. We see viral clips, like the moment while filming “Willam’s Beatdown” when she animatedly comments on Trixie Mattel for falling offstage--and proceeds to crash Looney Toons-style into her seamless backdrop. We also see the moment a couple gets engaged during one of her performances, and she gleefully spins on a hoverboard while they embrace.

Also included in the collection are “video paintings” from her music videos “Rupaulogize” and “Derrick,” looping visuals of Willam rollerskating or appearing in a Britney Spears homage.

Finally, Willam’s collection features popular Willam images, like her Gloryhole merch (shot by Mathu Anderson), illustrated logo (by Travis Falligant), and her original “Suck Less” podcast key art (shot by Magnus Hastings).

The Willam Belli Collection with The Queenly NFT features a series of selected iconic and viral moments of their career. 5% net of the sale of NFTs in this collection will benefit The Los Angeles LGBT Center.

Willam Belli
Suck Less Podcast Key Art by Magnus Hastings, 2017
photography + digital art

Willam Belli

Willam in the Gloryhole by Mathu Andersen, 2018


Willam - Derrick 1.mp4

Willam Belli

"Turntable Willam" from "Derrick", 2020

Video loop

Willam - Derrick 2.mp4

Willam Belli

Toxic in the Sky Willam from "Derrick", 2020

Video loop

Willam - Rupaulogize Video

Willam Belli

"Rollergirl Willam" from “Rupaulogize”, 2013

Video loop


Willam Belli

Willam Falling, 2017

Video loop

Willam - Hoverboard.mp4

Willam Belli

Hoverboard Proposal Starring Willam, 2016

Recorded loop

Willam Belli

Classic Logo by Travis Falligant, 2013

Digital Art

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