The LGBT+ community is the powerhouse behind some of society's most iconic art, but we have historically been behind in financial & technological movements.

The Queenly NFT advances the work of queer creators, allowing patrons to invest by owning unique, digital collectibles of our work as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

'Dissolve' by Grey Leifer is a collection of 12 enigmatic, abstract animations–featuring an original soundscape.

Strictly limited mints capped at 10, listed at 0.1ETH This NFT collection is Leifer's digital debut, after building a career as a fine artist, muralist, and textile designer–and as Chief Design Officer for the gender equal fashion brand, Play Out Apparel.

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About 'Ethical' NFTs

For The Queenly NFT, 'ethical NFTs' means that, although the rules around NFTs are murky, the community of patrons around queer art is invested in consent, credit and compensation. Unlike much art commerce, all NFTs sold via The Queenly NFT have mutual agreements with content creators. Queer-positive charities will also receive a donation for every sale from a collection.

About The Queenly NFT

NYC drag queen Ruby Powers (aka nonprofit communications strategist Brent Lomas) knows firsthand that it takes a gay village (people!) to make queer art–and that fair compensation for artists is not always the norm. After listing their own artist-owned NFT in April 2021, they sought a way to ethically represent queer creators in this growing space, launching The Queenly NFT, LLC.

What's the T with NFTs?

You’ve likely heard of blockchain or cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum. NFT stands for non-fungible token, a unit of data on a digital ledger. The NFT is a collectible record of a unique digital item.

Some NFTs have made headlines for fetching eye-popping prices, while many others sit unsold. The Queenly NFT believes the key to long-term collectibility is community significance and provenance, a true connection to its maker.

Why invest in NFTs through The Queenly NFT?

  • Encode your name in digital queer history forever as a patron of your favorite artist.

  • Ethically support content creators involved in the creation of a particular work of art (artists, photographers, models, etc.)

  • Lift up the the queer community. In addition to fair artist compensation, each collection in The Queenly NFT contributes to designated nonprofits.

  • Watch your investment in a hot and emerging cryptomarket.

How do I actually bid or buy a NFT through The Queenly NFT?

It can seem overwhelming logistically to make the move to bid on or buy a NFT. Luckily, The Queenly NFT uses the Opensea platform, and you just need cryptocurrency and a digital wallet.

  1. Buy the cryptocurrency you desire, USDC or Ethereum (ETH), on an exchange like Coinbase.

  2. Set up an account with a digital wallet like MetaMask.

  3. Transfer the Ethereum (ETH) to your digital wallet.

  4. Connect your digital wallet to your OpenSea account.

  5. Start bidding and buying!

Ruby Powers, Founder


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